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Austin Air Air Purifiers

Austin Air is an American company based out of Buffalo, New York with a wonderful reputation for perfecting the small and simple air purifier. Austin air purifiers are one of our more popular units with simple designs, reliable lifespan, low maintenance, long life filters, and amazing price to performance attributes. Their units are designed for families searching for healthy, fresh and clean air to improve their daily living environments. Specifically, targeted at individuals with sensitivities to airborne particles and gases. Some of the benefits of using an Austin Air machine may include, sounder sleep patterns, reduction in snoring & sneezing, and a strengthened immune system. Austin Air systems will remove dust, pollen, smoke, pet & chemical odors, as well as viruses & bacteria from your living spaces. Austin Air replacement filters are incredibly designed to have up to a five (5) year life expectancy. Best Vacuum’s assortment of Austin Air purifiers include: The Austin Air Healthmate air purifier, the Allergy Machine, Pet Machine, Baby’s Breath, Healthmate Plus, and the Bedroom Machine. With over 30 years of experience, our trusted and knowledge staff is here to help select the perfect air purifier for your family’s needs. Browse Austin Air cleaners for sale below.