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Contest Time! Win a Dyson Toy Vacuum!

dysoncontestThere’s a contest going over on our Facebook page. We’re giving away 10 Dyson Toy vacuums, and it’s easy to to enter!

To Enter:

  1. Go to Facebook and share the post.
  2. Like Best Vacuum’s Facebook page.
  3. Comment on why you should win the Dyson Toy vacuum.

The 10 best comments will win, so get creative and have some fun!

Hurry, the contest ends soon, and winners to be selected on January 31st, 2015.

How to Choose the Right Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson Vacuum CleanersWe’ve just updated our Dyson vacuum buying guide with new information on the latest Dyson models to help you find just the right Dyson bagless vacuum cleaner. Check it out before you buy, but in the meantime, here are some tips taken from our Dyson buying guide.

Dyson has a full range of vacuum cleaners, upright and canister, for just about any home. They can be broken down into two categories: Dyson vacuums for medium to large homes and those for smaller homes and apartments. Continue reading

Buy Any Miele Vacuum and Get a Free HEPA Filter

Miele Vacuum HEPA FilterDuring the month of September, you’ll not only get your new Miele vacuum cleaner shipped free via FedEx Overnight, we’ll also include a free Miele HEPA AirClean filter – a $49.95 value.

It’s absolutely free with any Miele vacuum purchase from Best Vacuum. Better still, there are no forms to fill out or waiting for return mail. We’ll include the free HEPA filter with your shipment. Continue reading

Blueair Sense Brings Motion Control and Multi-stage Filtration to Compact Air Purifier

Blueair Sense Air PurifierBest Vacuum is one of only a handful of retailers authorized to sell the Blueair Sense in the United States, and we just got our first shipment. And, well, wow. Blueair’s design team really kicked it up a few notches for this one. Great looking with futuristic touchless controls and Blueair’s famous HEPA Silent technology anchoring an outstanding multi-state filtering system, the Blueair Sense truly is a one-of-a-kind air purifier. Continue reading

Miele Fresh Air Vacuums Designed for Allergy and Asthma Sufferers

Miele S8 Fresh Air

Miele S8 Fresh Air

It’s hard to make Miele’s combination of engineering excellence, outstanding fit and finish and industry-leading filtration any better, but Miele has found a way with the limited edition Miele Fresh Air vacuum cleaners.

Designed especially for homes with allergy and asthma sufferers, the Miele Fresh Air S8 canister vacuum and Miele Fresh Air S7 upright vacuum combine everything we like about Miele vacuum cleaners with bonus tools and special pricing to make them, at just $599 each, an even better value. Continue reading

Exclusive Miele HomeCare Vacuum Cleaners Now at Our Lincoln Park and Oak Park Stores

Miele S2 HomeCare

Miele S2 HomeCare

Miele HomeCare is a special series of vacuum cleaners available only through Miele’s top brick and mortar retail stores. There’s a Miele Homecare vacuum cleaner for each Miele vacuum model – three canisters and one upright – and they are set apart from other Miele vacuum cleaners by their distinctive Mango Red finish, bonus accessories packages and value pricing.

The Miele S2 HomeCare canister vacuum cleaner is recommended for all smooth flooring and low- to high-pile carpet. The AllTeQ combination floor tool handles smooth floor and low pile carpeting, and the SEB228 Electro Plus power brush features a five-level height adjustment for cleaning high pile and plush carpets. Continue reading

Tips for How to Vacuum Carpet, Rug and Hard Floor Surfaces

How to vacuumVacuum Slowly 

This is the single most important thing to remember when vacuuming. No matter how strong the suction is, the vacuum cleaner needs time for that suction to work. So use a slow, deliberate back and forth motion. Especially on carpets and rugs, if you vacuum too quickly, you may pick up surface dirt, but nothing is collected from deep in the pile. The brush needs time to loosen deep-down dirt and the vacuum needs time to collect it.

Clear the Path

Do a scan of the floor and remove all objects that may be larger than the diameter of the hose opening (usually 1 1/4”) are removed. Paper, large leaves from houseplants, Lego blocks and other small items can get stuck in the hose, reducing suction and causing the motor to overheat and even burn out.

Things like fringe edges of bedspreads and shoe laces, even if they’re still on the shoe, also need to be cleared away or taken off the floor. They can get sucked up and wind around the roller brush, damaging the roller mechanism. Continue reading

Bag or Bagless – Which Vacuum Is Better?

vacuum cleaner bagAfter upright or canister, the most important decision you make about your vacuum cleaner is whether it is bagless or uses a dustbag. In our opinion, if you have allergies, asthma or are concerned about the quality of your indoor air, the answer is simple: get a vacuum with a dustbag.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with bagless vacuums. The better ones do an excellent job of cleaning. But allergy and asthma sufferers will want to consider all the dust they will be exposed to when maintaining the bagless vacuum.  No matter which bagless vacuum cleaner you use, it still comes down to removing a container of dust and allergens and crud that you so carefully removed from your home, and dumping it into something so you can throw it away. Continue reading