Types of Vacuum Cleaners

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There are all sorts of vacuum cleaners, including specialty types like hand vacs, car vacs, wet/dry vacuums and the like.  But for most of us there are only two that matter:  uprights and canisters.   Future posts will get into the finer points of each, but here’s a rundown of the basic differences.

Uprights generally have a revolving roller brush that agitates the carpet to loosen dirt and debris.  Most have a single motor for the brush and suction.  The better ones have two motors, one to drive the brush and a second motor for suction.

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New Video Series Starts with Miele How-to

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Not sure how to change the bag on your Miele canister?  Or, maybe, the filter?  Then check our new series of how-to videos on our Web site.  We’ll be adding more soon, covering general topics such as how to decide between a canister and an upright vacuum cleaner, as well as product-specific videos like the ones now online:

Changing the Bag on the Miele Vacuum S5 Canister

Changing the HEPA Filter on the Miele Vacuum S5 Canister

Changing the Motor Pre-filter on Miele Vacuum S5 Canister

Changing the Super Air Clean Filter on Miele Vacuum S5 Canister

Killing Germs and Allergens with Ultraviolet Light

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A new class of vacuum cleaners and floor sweepers using germicidal UV-C ultraviolet light is making homes cleaner and more healthful, especially for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Veriliux Sanitizing Sweeper Veriliux Sanitizing Wand Veriliux Sanitizing Travel Wand

UV-C germicidal ultraviolet light has been used to safely sanitize hospitals and disinfect drinking water for over 60 years. It kills molds, dust mites, germs, viruses and bacterial by destroying the DNA in their cells. It works quickly, too, typically with as little as one second of exposure.

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Welcome to the Best Vacuum Blog

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Welcome to the Best Vacuum Blog

We’ll be posting articles here on a number of topics. This blog focuses on products, brands, housewares, and homecare information to help you live a healthier and more comfortable home. We understand that our customers have the highest standards of quality standards for maintaining a clean and healthy home. With this in mind, we have a selection of products improve the quality of your life at the place you value most… your home! To that end, Our staff offers expert product advice to ensure you select the right products for all your homecare needs. Best Vacuum has no interest in being the biggest e-tailer with the largest product selection. In fact, We are dedicate our business to simply being the Best e-tailer, with the Best quality selection!