Laurastar Ironing Systems Now at Best Vacuum

Best Vacuum

We’ve expanded our lines of professional ironing systems with the Laurastar brand of Swiss-made ironing systems to our selection of professional irons and presses.

New to the United States, Laurastar was founded 30 years ago in Switzerland, where they introduced the world’s first professional ironing system suitable for home use.  Today, Laurastar is the world’s leading manufacturer of innovative professional-quality ironing systems, with unique, patented features that make ironing faster, easier and better for your fine clothes and linens.

We currently offer three Laurastar ironing systems: the Laurastar Premium S3 Professional Steam Iron System, the Laurastar S4E Professional Steam Iron System and the Laurastar Magic i-S6 Professional Steam Iron System.

All three feature Laurastar’s patented steam system and soleplate.  Steam is heated once in the systems boiler, then cooled and reheated in the iron to create double the volume of steam.   The patented Laurastar soleplate is designed to heat, smooth and cool the fabric, providing and crisp, long-lasting finish.

The Laurastar S4E and Laurastar Magic i-S6 add the patented Laurastar active table. This silent, two-speed blower/vacuum system prevents creases and seam marking, and immediately dries the fabric.

The top-of-the-line Laurastar Magic i-S6 takes all the above features and adds a very lightweight iron for more comfortable, less tiring ironing plus an automatic system that starts steam when the iron begins to move, stopping when the iron does.   The unique system lets you work faster while reducing energy consumption.

Each Laurastar ironing system comes with a complete accessory package that includes an attractive board cover, cable holder, drain tray and replacement water filter.  Learn more about our new Laurastar professional ironing systems on our Web site.