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New Colors for Miele Uprights

Miele has a vacuum in every color of the rainbow, but each model is color-exclusive. If you want the S7 Miele Salsa, you’re getting a red vacuum. If you want the S5 Miele Capricorn, you’re getting a purple one. Three out of five people I speak with who are interested in a Miele will ask, “Does this come in any other color?” And even though the answer is “no,” Miele proves they’re listening by tweaking their colors a couple times a year. This time around, they’ve changed a couple of the S7 uprights.

First, we have the S7 Miele Twist. Up to now, it was a deep, vibrant Royal Blue color. It’s a very traditional color: it’s in the US flag, most blue ink pens use royal blue, and let’s not forget the Kansas City Royals! But their new color, described as “Sprint Blue,” is a shade lighter and a little pastel. It’s a color most commonly used in sports cars, perfect for a luxury appliance. The Miele Twist’s color is definitely a lot more subdued this time around – which isn’t a bad thing. It looks more natural, and in my opinion has more of a “calming” effect than the harsh blue of its predecessor. Continue reading

New Haan Steam Mops Offer Choices for Any Home

Haan Agile SI40

Haan Agile

If you have hardwood floors, you know how dirty they can get – and how quickly, especially if you have two adults, a teenage boy, and a cat at home like I do. Every day brings more tracked-in dirt, rock salt stains, spills, and those weird grimy splotches under the dishwasher (seriously, what is that?). If you’re using a mop and bucket, it’s hard to find the time and patience to keep your floors clean and looking good.

Thankfully, there’s Haan. Haan has developed a wide range of lightweight steam cleaners that use regular tap water to clean and sanitize your floors. The superheated, 212° steam jetting from the vacuum head kills bacteria, loosens hard stains, and can even eliminate odors ingrained in your carpet and upholstery – all without any harsh chemicals! Three of the newest Haan models are now available at Best Vacuum, and whether it’s at home or here in our showroom, I can honestly say that these are the best steam cleaners I’ve used. Take a look, and see which one is right for you. Continue reading