Introducing the 2015 Miele Vacuum Cleaners

2015 Miele Vacuum CleanersThe Best Vacuum team met with Miele at the VDTA show and got the lowdown on the 2015 Miele vacuum cleaner line changes. There are some minor tweaks to the model offerings, but the big change in how Miele is branding its products.

Miele vacuum series names have changed to bring the naming conventions in line with those used in other countries. So, gone are the S1, S2, S6, S7 and S8 designations. In their place are descriptive names that clearly show the differences between the products.

On the canister side, there are three vacuum cleaner series:

  • Complete C3: This is the premium Miele vacuum, replacing the S8 series. These full-size machines have all the convenience and performance features you’ve come to expect from a top-of-the-line Miele vacuum. From standard fully-sealed HEPA filtration, to built-in accessory storage, to automatic suction control, these are truly “complete” vacuum cleaners.
  • Compact C2: These are what you now know as the Miele S6 vacuums. Smaller and lighter than the Miele Complete C3 series, the Compact C2 vacuums nonetheless deliver outstanding cleaning performance with an array of convenience features. What’s more, their low-noise Vortex Motor systems and extra dampening material make the Miele Compact C2 vacuums particularly quiet.
  • Classic C1: The replacement for the S2 series, this is the vacuum line for those who want Miele quality and durability at a more affordable price. They’re lightweight, easy to use and provide the features and performance to make them the ideal choice for budget-minded households.

On the upright side, there are two series:

  • Dynamic U1: The replacement for the S7 uprights, the Miele Dynamic U1 series features sleek design and a unique swivel head that lets you maneuver the vacuum in a very “dynamic” manner. Along with 360-degree wheels and the ability to lay flat on the floor, the Miele Dynamic U1 steers easily around corners and under furniture to clean where many uprights can’t.
  • Swing: The Miele Swing H1 replaces the S1 stick vac. The new model is easy to use, easy to store and even includes a powerbrush socket, making it one of the most versatile  stick vacuum cleaners around. It’s a great choice for small apartments and dorms, or as a second vacuum for quick pickups and fast cleaning jobs.

While the names may be new, the quality, performance and selection are the same you’ve come to expect from the Miele brand. You can visit our comparison charts to compare the new canisters and uprights here.

And you always can call us toll-free at 888-205-3228 to answer any questions and help you choose the right Miele for your needs.

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