Best Vacuum

Welcome to the Best Vacuum blog.

We’ll be posting articles here on a number of topics, from how to get the most from your home health and comfort products to company news to general information to help you live a healthier, more comfortable life.

Best Vacuum was founded in 1983 as a retail store in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. Through word-of-mouth, a primary focus on serving customer needs and a reputation for offering the finest products in their categories. with friendly, professional advice to our customers select the correct products for their needs.

We started our Web site in 1995, one of the first brick-and-mortar stores of any kind to open a Web store. As a result, we combine the best of on-line shopping with the best of in store service.

In 2002, BestVaccum.com expands the brands and shopping experience with a completely updated eCommerce store. The upgrade combines best-in-class security with features designed to optimize your shopping experience.

In 2016, We expanded to a state-of the-art warehouse to optimize order processing and accuracy. Most importantly, we are a boutique eCommerce store dedicated to quality brands and the most discerning selection of products.

We’re a lot bigger than we were in 1983, but we’re still, at heart, a small business offering personal service. We want to make this blog an extension of that.

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