Air-O-Swiss E2441 Evaporator Humidifier

With its sleek, state-of-the-art design, the Air-O-Swiss E2441 Evaporator humidifier fits in with virtually any decorating style, making it an attractive accessory in any living or working space.

The Air-O-Swiss E2441 Evaporator humidifier uses the self-regulating principle of cold evaporation. The ventilator moves air over its floating evaporator pads in such a way that you get an almost constant release of moisture, regardless of the unit’s water level.

Convenient and easy to operate, the Air-O-Swiss E2441 Evaporator humidifier features a funnel-shaped opening that allows the humidifier evaporator to be easily filled from the top using a pitcher or water can. Quick saturation of the evaporator pads with water makes the E2441 Evaporator humidifier ready to use immediately after filling.

Learn more about the Air-O-Swiss E2441 Evaporator humidifier here.

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