Air-O-Swiss AOS U600 and Air-O-Swiss AOS U650 Ultrasonic Humidifiers

The new Air-O-Swiss AOS U600 and Air-O-Swiss AOS U650 ultrasonic humidifiers provide outstanding humidification for rooms up to 650 sq. ft. With a sleek design that fits unobtrusively in any decor, these ultra-quiet, energy-efficient humidifiers offer the choice of cool or warm mist to keep you comfortable through the driest days.

Both units feature a built-in hygrostat for controlled humidification with variable mist output control and an industrial strength titanium ultrasonic oscillator membrane surface, for fast dispersion of mist into the air and long lasting use. When using warm mist, heated water prevents cooling of the room. A demineralization cartridge helps ensure water mist without lime scale or mineral residues. The cartridge is part of the Air-O-Swiss humidifier Quad-Band water protection system that inhibits microbial growth in the water of your humidifier.

The Quad-Band system begins with the Air-O-Swiss Ionic Silver Stick. The stick uses the anti-microbial effect of silver to prevent the growth of microbes in the water base. The high-frequency vibrations of the ultrasonic system destroy most microbes, and the plastic housing of the demineralization cartridge is treated with silver to inhibit microbial growth on its surface. For extra protection, when using warm mist, the water is pre-heated to 176 °F to further inhibit growth of microbes.

In addition to these features shared with the Air-O-Swiss AOS U600 ultrasonic humidifier, the Air-O-Swiss AOS U650 humidifier includes a digital display and surface-touch controls, intelligent automatic humidification regulator, sleep mode and timer.

Intelligent Temperature Compensation automatically regulates the humidifier output to create the most comfortable relative humidity adjusted to the temperature in your room. In sleep mode, the Air-O-Swiss AOS U650 humidifier pre-determines and maintains a comfortable night humidity level and automatically dims the brightness of the digital display. The timer allows you to set the unit for from one to eight hours of continuous operation.

You can learn more about these two new Air-O-Swiss ultrasonic humidifiers on our Web site.

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