Anti-Allergy Miele HealthyClean™ Canister Only at Best Vacuum

In helping our customers  choose fan anti-allergen vacuum cleaner, it became apparent that there was a niche for a value-priced product with high-end features.

So we gave our friends at Miele a call, told them what we wanted, and they built it.  It’s the Miele S4 HealthyClean™, a lightweight, anti-allergy vacuum available only from Best Vacuum.

At just $499, the Miele HealthyClean combines the most asked-for features into a terrific value for homes with allergy sufferers: HEPA filter with added odor absorption, a standard floor tool for both low pile carpeting and smooth flooring, extra above-floor cleaning tools, and a wide 33-foot operating radius.

The Miele HealthyClean also features the new Hyclean dustbag.  The Hyclean bag not only provides additional filtration, but includes a self-closing collar that automatically seals the bag as soon as the dust compartment lid is opened so changing bags is as clean as it is easy.

Our new Miele HealthyClean has all the other great features you’d expect from a Miele canister.  Learn more about it and order from our Web site.

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