You Need an Asthma Action Plan

Controlling asthma symptoms is a day-to-day thing. You need to be aware of changes in the weather, changes in your environment, what triggers may be present in places you go, You also need to know how and when to take your asthma control medication, and what to do when you have an asthma attack.

That’s why everyone with asthma needs an Asthma Action Plan (AAP). Also called an asthma management plan, the AAP is a written plan you prepare with your doctor that has all the information you need to know how to measure whether your asthma is under control and what steps to take when it isn’t. An AAP is particularly important for people with moderate to severe asthma and anyone who has had a serious attack.

Getting started is easy. Download a copy of the AAP and begin filling it out. That will give you an idea of what you need to know to manage your asthma day-to-day, but you must review it with your doctor before using it as you’re the actual Asthma Action Plan you use to manage your symptoms. Never change your treatment or medications without first consulting your doctor.

The AAP divided into three zones, Green, Yellow and Red. Your objective is to be in the Green zone, meaning you have no symptoms. The Yellow zone means you have some symptoms that limit your usual activities. The Red zone means you are suffering severe asthma symptoms and will need immediate medical attention if your usual treatments don’t resolve your symptoms quickly.

Having an asthma action plan means you and your doctor have agreed that when you have certain symptoms you do very specific things, and if you don’t improve, you seek additional treatment. It’s handy to have around, even if you’ve been dealing with your asthma for some time.

But the AAP becomes a critical piece to access when you’re depending on someone else to help you with your treatment or if you’re getting treatment from a medical professional other than your regular doctor. Having it on hand makes it easy to know your treatment plan and made decision on how to amend or adjust it.

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