Barron’s Calls Miele S8380 Vacuum a “Cat and Dog Hair Killer”

Miele S8 Cat & DogBarron’s recently named the Miele S8380 Cat & Dog canister vacuum its “Gadget of the Week,” calling the Miele a “cat and dog hair killer.”

One of the main reasons Barron’s likes the Miele S8 Cat & Dog over bagless competitors is that “it doesn’t make sense for an ‘animal’ vacuum to come without a bag. Wouldn’t all that hard won debris just get released back into the air as you empty the bin into the trashcan?”

Barron’s tested the Miele Cat & Dog in a home with three dogs and reported that it picked up “huge clumps of hair from the hardwood floors, carpet, and suede drapes.”

Not only was It was powerful enough to do it all in one pass, “the silent motor kept the dogs from going berserk.”

We’d like to add that the Miele Cat & Dog canister vacuum comes the compact STB101 Mini Turbo brush that whisks away pet hair from furniture and stairs and Miele’s Active Air Odor Filter that uses quarter-pound of active charcoal to eliminate pet odors from the vacuum exhaust. A HEPA filter also is available.

In addition, The Miele S8380 includes all the other features of the Miele S8 canister line: lightweight “skeleton” construction, solid rubber bumper protector, built-in tool compartment and toe tap suction control. See all the features of the Miele S8 Cat & Dog here.

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