Our Favorite Vacuum Cleaner Tools

Flexible Crevice Tool
Most vacuum cleaners, and certainly the ones we offer, come with a set of accessory tools that cover most floor and above floor vacuuming needs. But there are some tools that are so good at specific jobs that we don’t want to clean without them.

Take the flexible crevice tool, for example. The standard crevice tool works great for most people, but there are times when you need to “reach” around a corner or behind an appliance and just can’t do it with the standard tool. The flexible crevice tool not only has nozzle that gently bends, but is longer than the standard tool, letting you get into those hard to reach corners.

Another favorite is the multi-angle dusting brush.  This typically has a larger, usually tapered brush head and longer, softer bristles than the standard dusting tool. It also has the ability to change the angle to the match the items being cleaned. Together, these features make dusting blinds, ceiling fans and shelves much easier than using the standard brush.

Multi-angle Dusting Brush
Multi-angle Dusting Brush

A more modest variation is the universal dusting brush. Also called a soft-bristle brush, these have the larger brush and softer bristles of the multi-angle brush, but without the adjustable angle. It’s a very good option for quickly dusing lamp shades, shelves and other larger areas above the floor where dust collects.

By far the favorite accessory tool among Best Vacuum customers is the mini-turbo brush. It’s terrific at picking up pet hair and is standard on pet vacuums. But it also gives anyone extra cleaning power for upholstered furniture and stairs and is the ideal size for cleaning the seats and floorboards of your car.

Dyson Groom Tool
Dyson Groom Tool

While these tools are available for most any vacuum, some are unique to the manufacturer. If you have a medium- or long-haired dog, one of these that may become your new favorite is the Dyson Groom Tool. Special bristles gently lift loose hair from your pet and the vacuum sucks it away before it can be shed around your home. It’s a clever, well-designed tool, and one of the reasons pet owners really love Dyson vacuum cleaners.

What’s your favorite tool? We’d like to know!

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