Blueair Sense Brings Motion Control and Multi-stage Filtration to Compact Air Purifier

Blueair Sense Air PurifierBest Vacuum is one of only a handful of retailers authorized to sell the Blueair Sense in the United States, and we just got our first shipment. And, well, wow. Blueair’s design team really kicked it up a few notches for this one. Great looking with futuristic touchless controls and Blueair’s famous HEPA Silent technology anchoring an outstanding multi-state filtering system, the Blueair Sense truly is a one-of-a-kind air purifier.

The compact Blueair Sense measures just 19 inches high and a mere seven inches deep, so it fits almost any space. More important, its award-winning design means it also fits any décor. Detailed with laser-cut steel and a matt color finish, the Sense is available in five tastefully muted colors: Mocha Brown, Blue, Graphite Black, Light Grey and White.

The beauty of the Blueair Sense is much more than skin deep. The touchless control uses motion sensors to control fan speed or turn the unit on or off. Just pass your hand over the tempered glass top. And the machine itself has multi-stage filtration system, including an ion particle-charging process that lets the Blueair Sense remove 99.97% of harmful airborne pollutants from the air.

The filtration process begins as air is drawn into the Sense on the right side.  The laser-cut outer grill serves as a course filter to stop large debris like lint or hair. Next is  a carbon pre-filter that  traps visible dust while absorbing odors and gases .  The air is then pulled through Blueair’s HEPA Silent filter removing microscopic mold pollen, pet dander and dust.

This is where other air purifiers stop, but the Blueair Sense then purifiers the purified air! This double-filtering is done by another HEPA Silent filter, followed by a final carbon that removes even more odors and gasses before the air is released back to your home.

Learn more about this remarkable Blueair air purifier here.

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