Cat Litter: Thinking Outside the Box

Cat LitterUnless you have a cat, you probably think there is no need to have a bag of cat litter around. You couldn’t be more wrong. Cat litter is one of those things that isn’t just for the cat box. It has many great uses, and even non-cat owners should keep it handy.

Remove Odors

Cat litter is a good substitute for baking soda for keeping refrigerators odor free. “Sachets” of cat litter in socks or panty hose will help keep closet odors at bay, especially the ones where shoes are kept. For really smelly shoes, like sneakers, stuff a sock stuffed with cat litter into the shoe.

Keep Stored Items Dry

Cat litter’s ability to absorb moisture makes it an excellent desiccant for longer-term storage of items in high humidity areas, like attics and crawl spaces. Just add paper bags or old socks filled with litter to the individual containers.

This is especially good with bedding, outdoor gear like tents and sleeping bags and most anything stored in cardboard or other containers that can’t be made air tight.

Soak Up Paint and Oil Spills

Cleaning paint or automotive oil drips and spills can be tough, but cat litter absorbs them quickly and easily. Just lay some over the spill area and wait a bit. If the oil spill is old, you can put down a little bit of paint thinner and then the layer of cat litter and it will take care of the problem.

This works just as well with liquids that collect at the bottom of trash cans. In fact, keeping a layer of cat litter at the bottom of the garbage can will prevent odors and leakage from whatever liquids collect down there.

Add Traction

For rear-wheel drive cars, keeping a large bag of litter in the truck will add weight for traction on snow-packed or icy surfaces. But for any vehicle, spreading litter under the tires will help them grip for traction on snow and ice.

That’s just some of what cat litter can do outside the box. How do you use cat litter?


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