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5 Ways to Keep Winter Allergies at Bay

winter allergyWinter can be just as hard on allergy sufferers as summer is. For many, it can be even worse. You can help reduce the suffering with these five tips:

1. Use HEPA filters in your furnace: Granted, you don’t get true HEPA filtration without a sealed system, but the additional filtration that HEPA provides traps as much as 30 times more allergens than a standard filter.

2. Regularly rinse and dry the water reservoir in your humidifiers. Quite often, people refill their humidifiers without emptying the old water. But the older the water, the more likely bacteria and mold are growing in it, and those critters are put into the air by the humidifier. This is true even when the old water is diluted with fresh water. A good rule of thumb is to empty and dry the reservoir every 10 days to two weeks. Continue reading

Humidifier as Decor Statement

Stadler Form Oskar Humidifier

Stadler Form Oskar Humidifier

Humidifier design has come a long way since the sick room vaporizer and box with water wheel/evaporator configurations. Humidifier engineering has advance considerably, with airwashers and ultrasonic technologies added to the mix. And while the units themselves no longer are eyesores (mostly, at least), neither are they something you want to actually want to have in a room.

Until now, that is. Continue reading

Get Ready for Winter’s Dry Air. Check Your Humidifiers Now.

Venta Airwasher room  humidifierWinter is getting closer, and with space heaters, radiators and fireplaces are coming out of hibernation, it’s time for something else to re-emerge: your humidifier.

The winter air combined with heating appliances can dry out the air in your home, leaving you with dying house plants, dry skin and frequent sore throats – making you more susceptible to the cold and flu viruses.

Our choice of humidifier is the Venta Airwasher. The Venta Airwasher humidifier not only adds moisture to the air through its unique “cold water humidification” process, it also purifies the air at the same time and does both without leaving any of that white “dust” that makes a lot of people stop using their humidifiers. Continue reading

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