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Treating Pain in Your Dog

treating-dog-painIf you’re like most people, you reach for aspirin, ibuprofen or some other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, or NSAID, when you want to relieve pain. So it should be no surprise that NSAIDs also are the most commonly used pain reliever for dogs.

NSAIDs help control pain by relieving inflammation – the body’s response to irritation or injury – which is what makes them so effective for arthritis and other joint pain, as well as muscle aches and post-surgical pain. Continue reading

Barron’s Calls Miele S8380 Vacuum a “Cat and Dog Hair Killer”

Miele S8 Cat & DogBarron’s recently named the Miele S8380 Cat & Dog canister vacuum its “Gadget of the Week,” calling the Miele a “cat and dog hair killer.”

One of the main reasons Barron’s likes the Miele S8 Cat & Dog over bagless competitors is that “it doesn’t make sense for an ‘animal’ vacuum to come without a bag. Wouldn’t all that hard won debris just get released back into the air as you empty the bin into the trashcan?”

Barron’s tested the Miele Cat & Dog in a home with three dogs and reported that it picked up “huge clumps of hair from the hardwood floors, carpet, and suede drapes.” Continue reading

FDA Proposes Rules to Ensure Safe Food for Pets

For the first time, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is proposing rules intended to protect pet foods from disease-causing bacteria, chemicals and other contaminants.

The proposed Preventive Controls for Food for Animals rule would establish new protections for animal foods. Currently, the FDA seldom gets involved unless there is evidence of contaminated animal food on the market. Continue reading

Miele Cat & Dog Upright on Real Simple’s List of Best Vacuums

MIele VAcuum for PetsDescribing it as having “the power of an army with the agility of a Porsche,” Real Simple named the Miele S7260 Cat &  Dog upright the “Best Luxe” vacuum in the publication’s recent “Road Test” of vacuum cleaners.

Real Simple also called the Miele S7 Cat & Dog uprights “unrivaled for suction” and noted its ability to lie flat so it can easily reach move under furniture. In fact, these are features shared by the entire line of Miele S7 upright vacuum cleaners, along with and 360° casters for added mobility and rubber wheels travel smoothly over carpets and hard floors.

What separates the Miele S7260 from the other Miele S7 vacuums is that it is Miele’s first upright designed specifically for households with pets. In addition to that “unrivaled” suction, the Miele S7260 includes the STB 101 Mini Turbo brush for easy cleaning of pet hair from furniture, drapes, stairs and even clothing.  And the Active Air Clean filter absorbs odors while the filter keeps small particles from re-circulating in your home. Continue reading

Protect Your Pets from Common Medication Errors

Did you know that the U. S. Food and Drug Administration oversees the safety of pet medications, as well as those for humans? In fact, a number of the medication errors that occur with people are similar to show up in the treatment of animals, and since 2008, the FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) has been examining error reports on medications for animals and working to increase their safe use. What they’ve learned can help you help keep your pet safer. Continue reading