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Barron’s Calls Miele S8380 Vacuum a “Cat and Dog Hair Killer”

Miele S8 Cat & DogBarron’s recently named the Miele S8380 Cat & Dog canister vacuum its “Gadget of the Week,” calling the Miele a “cat and dog hair killer.”

One of the main reasons Barron’s likes the Miele S8 Cat & Dog over bagless competitors is that “it doesn’t make sense for an ‘animal’ vacuum to come without a bag. Wouldn’t all that hard won debris just get released back into the air as you empty the bin into the trashcan?”

Barron’s tested the Miele Cat & Dog in a home with three dogs and reported that it picked up “huge clumps of hair from the hardwood floors, carpet, and suede drapes.” Continue reading

New Haan Steam Mops Offer Choices for Any Home

Haan Agile SI40

Haan Agile

If you have hardwood floors, you know how dirty they can get – and how quickly, especially if you have two adults, a teenage boy, and a cat at home like I do. Every day brings more tracked-in dirt, rock salt stains, spills, and those weird grimy splotches under the dishwasher (seriously, what is that?). If you’re using a mop and bucket, it’s hard to find the time and patience to keep your floors clean and looking good.

Thankfully, there’s Haan. Haan has developed a wide range of lightweight steam cleaners that use regular tap water to clean and sanitize your floors. The superheated, 212° steam jetting from the vacuum head kills bacteria, loosens hard stains, and can even eliminate odors ingrained in your carpet and upholstery – all without any harsh chemicals! Three of the newest Haan models are now available at Best Vacuum, and whether it’s at home or here in our showroom, I can honestly say that these are the best steam cleaners I’ve used. Take a look, and see which one is right for you. Continue reading

Miele Olympus Bridges Gap Between Quality and Budget

I’ve been using new Miele entry-level canister vacuum, the Miele Olympus, in my home since we received our first delivery in mid- October, and it’s easy to see why it’s becoming so popular.   At $299.00 this vacuum is a terrific buy.  I can’t think of another manufacturer that offers a vacuum cleaner of this quality for that price.  

Here’s a point by point review for those of you considering it.

Right out of the box there’s no doubt the Miele Olympus is a true Miele vacuum product.  All the familiar parts are there, from the six-foot crush-proof hose and three-foot adjustable stainless-steel wand, to Miele’s combination rug and floor tool.  There’s also Miele’s three-piece accessory cleaning tool set – dusting brush, crevice nozzle and upholstery tool – with on-board carrying clip.   An air-driven “Turbo” brush is available separately.

Controls are super simple.  There are just three: one button for power on/off, one button for the cord rewind, and a dial to increase or decrease the suction power.    As with all Miele canister vacuum cleaners, you can adjust the length of the wand so that the height is comfortable for your back and shoulders. 

The first thing you notice is that the Miele Olympus is incredibly light.  It weighs less than 10 pounds making it tempting to just pick it up and walk around with it rather than have it roll behind you.  And it’s quiet.  Just like in the Miele commercials, you really can have a normal conversation when the quiet setting is selected.  
But it’s the suction that really stands out.  Remarkably, this is the same high-performance motor as the one in the more expensive Miele S5 series, and it performs just the same.  Powerful suction draws in dust bunnies from several inches away on hardwood floors, and you can really feel it pulling down deep into the area rugs.  You’ll definitely need to use the adjustment dial to reduce suction when vacuuming smaller rugs, drapes or upholstery.

Miele’s basic floor tool does a great job on hard floors and area rugs.  It’s only three inches high, so you can vacuum underneath furniture without having to move it, and the suction is directed right to the ends of the tool, so edge cleaning performance is excellent on bare floor. But because the lint lifters are only in the center of the floor tool, edging is less impressive between carpet and baseboard with the basic tool. 

The rug and floor tool is really best suited to homes with that specific kind of flooring. If you have several rooms of flat or looped wall-to-wall carpeting, opt for the Miele Olympus with Turbo Brush.  And if you have any thicker, cut-pile carpeting, you should be looking at the Miele Delphi model that comes with a motorized power brush.

Continue reading

Miele Polaris – Our Best Selling Compact Vacuum Cleaner

The Miele Polaris vacuum cleaner really scores high marks with its powerful suction, quiet operation, lightweight build, and ease of use. This vacuum cleaner has all of the suction of the larger Miele S5 vacuum cleaners, yet weights just 10 lbs. No wonder it’s our top-selling compact model.

Designed for smaller homes, condos, and townhouses, the compact Miele Polaris vacuum cleaner is light enough to effortlessly carry up and down the steepest of stairways. It stores easily and won’t take up too much space in a utility closet or pantry.

The Miele Polaris is outfitted with Miele’s 265-3 combination rug and floor tool designed for very low pile carpeting, area rugs, some shag carpets, and all smooth floor surfaces.

The retractable cord is 18 feet long, plenty of length to cover most large rooms without having to unplug the cord and find another outlet. The convenient step-on power switch means you don’t have to bend over to turn the Miele Polaris vacuum on and off.

When the vacuum is running you can choose from six power/suction settings. They range from very low to very high. For smooth flooring it works best to have the vacuum cleaner suction at maximum. For area rugs, carpets and wall-to-wall carpeting, you can select from the mid-range settings to find the one that works best for your flooring. The lowest settings are reserved for draperies, blinds, slipcovers, etc.

With the 4-foot wand and 6-foot hose, you can reach just about every corner, crevice and nook in your home with the Miele Polaris. The swivel head of the combination rug and floor tool makes it easy to vacuum those difficult to reach areas of your home like under furnishings and beds.
The accessory tools that ride on the vacuum allow for quick and easy access for cleaning floorboards, crown moldings, televisions and other home electronics, picture frames, radiators, you name it.

  • Inside the Miele Polaris carton you’ll find the following items:
  • Miele Polaris canister vacuum cleaner
  • 265-3 combination rug and floor tool
  • Telescopic/height adjustable stainless steel wand
  • 6-foot hose with handle and canister connection
  • Dusting, crevice, and upholstery tool w/tool clip
  • Extra bag (two bags total with one installed at factory)
  • Manual & warranty

Assembly is quick and easy! Just attach the hose to the canister, the wand to the hose, and the floor tool to the wand and the Miele Polaris is ready to take the “chore” out of out of vacuuming your home!  Learn more about the Miele Polaris on our Web site.

Dyson DC23 Best Value Among New Dyson Canister Vacuum Cleaners

The new generation of Dyson canister vacuum cleaners have arrived, and  I’ve had a chance to live with them for a few weeks now.  With all of them, Dyson has fixed most of the things that people complained about with the earlier canisters.

But the clear standout is the DC23 Turbinehead canister vacuum cleaner.  For medium nap carpet, area rugs and wood floors, the DC23 Turbinehead is the best value of the new Dyson canister vacuum cleaners.

Gone is the annoying, incredibly hard-to-reassemble dust bin.  Now, one pushbutton on the bin handle pops it out of the vacuum for easy emptying without having to touch the dirt.  Much better. 

Dyson finally changed the hose and wand, too.  The wand still collapses for easy storage, but now it’s height adjustable and much lighter. Any member of the family can use it now.  No more excuses for ten year olds.

The awkward, permanently-connected wand and hose of the earlier Dyson vacuum canisters is gone, too.  The Dyson DC23 canister vacuum cleaner’s wand is detachable, so you can use the hose without the wand connected.  That makes it much easier to use the dusting and upholstery tools. 

It’s amazing Dyson didn’t do this with the new Motorhead models, as well.  In order to get this important function, you have to buy a Turbinehead model.  Which leads us to the best part of the Dyson DC23 Turbinehead vacuum - the turbo brush nozzle.

The turbo brush floor nozzle on the Dyson DC23 Turbinehead is simply the best air-powered brush head we’ve ever used.   It has a unique side-air intake, so the revolving brush never gets bogged down and stops spinning- even on thick carpeting.   Most turbo brushes are fine for area rugs and flat carpet, but they always disappoint on thicker pile. This one powers though without slowing or decreasing performance.  

You also can stop the brush manually if you are going from rug to floor and don’t want to stop and change to different attachment.

As with all Dyson vacuum cleaners, there are some tradeoffs over more conventional vacuum cleaners.  The noise level is one of them. It’s tolerable, but can start to grate on you after a long stretch.  Maintenance is another.  You’ll never have to buy bags again, but be prepared to clean the filters and dust bin and filters regularly or you’ll see reduced performance.  Also, for those of you who are severely asthmatic or allergic, keep in mind the exposure to allergens when cleaning the bin and filters.

All in all, the Dyson DC23 Turbinehead vacuum cleaner is an impressive product, and the turbo brush is real win. I’d still recommend getting a Dyson vacuum cleaner with Motorhead if most of your flooring is wall-to-wall carpet or if there are heavy shedders (human or otherwise) in the house.