Which Vacuum to Buy: Commercial or Residential?

Best Vacuum

We sell commercial as well as residential vacuum cleaners, which can make choosing a vacuum cleaner seem like a difficult task. Commercial models are more rugged and durable, so we’re often asked, “Why should I buy a residential vacuum when the commercial vacuums are better and about the same price?”

That’s an attractive idea.  Especially since all the commercial grade vacuum cleaners we sell are very good products. Generally, commercial vacuum cleaners have longer cords and higher capacity dust bags than residential vacuums.  In most cases, the machines are designed with additional structural integrity to better endure the rigors of a commercial environment. And they generally are more powerful than the typical residential vacuum.

But commercial vacuums also tend to be stripped down.  They often don’t have some desirable filters like power controls, top grade allergy filtration and  tools for above-the-floor cleaning.  They may have a reusable cloth bag instead of the home vacuum’s easier to handle and more sanitary disposable bag.

And while commercial vacuums can be more powerful than a residential vacuum, you don’t necessarily need or even want that.  Remember, these machines are designed for offices, restaurants and warehouses.  The may be too aggressive for fine carpets.  They may not have features like rubber wheels to prevent scratching bare floors while cleaning.

Commercial vacuums also may be heavier and harder to move around and under furniture.  Residential vacuums are designed for comfort, to be light and maneuverable.

And the better residential vacuums are designed to be quiet.  Some commercial vacuums tend to be very loud.

That’s not to say you can’t find commercial-type durability in a residential machine.  If that’s what you want, look at the Sebo vacuums.  They have the structural integrity of a commercial vacuum with the usability features that make it a good choice for homes. If you want to buy commercial vacuum cleaners, check out the selection we have at BestVacuum.com.

David Brantley

I just started a janitorial business and I just received a commercial vacuum in the mail. I put it together and I was ready to give it a whirl around our bedroom. My wife tnformed me there was no need because she just vacuumed before I came home from work. I did it anyway and we were both shocked on the amount of dirt it picked up after the residential vacuum. I have to go with the power because it was frightening to know I had that much filth left behind with the residential

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