New Dyson Hand Vacuum the Most Powerful Ever

The new Dyson DC31 handheld vacuum cleaner, with a new Dyson-designed digital motor, is the company’s most powerful and power-efficient to date.  The light, ergonomic Dyson DC31 hand vacuum is great for quick pick-up and spot cleaning. 
The Dyson DC31 hand vacuum has a dual power mode, so you can choose the right suction for the job at hand.  For larger jobs, standard power runs for up to 10 minutes.  For tough vacuuming, choose high for nearly 70% more power for up to six minutes. 
The standard Dyson DC31 comes with a combination debris nozzle/dusting brush tool and a crevice tool ideal for cleaning base boards, picture frames, in-between furniture and other tight spots.
The Dyson DC31 Animal adds a motorize powerbrush, making it the perfect hand vacuum cleaner for pet owners.
Learn more about these new Dyson DC31 vacuum and the Dyson DC31 Animal on our Dyson vacuum pages.

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