Dyson Vacuum Line Changes

Dyson has retired the venerable DC07 uprights.  Both the All Floors (nee Steel Yellow) and the Animal are no more.  Dyson also has discontinued  the DC14 Animal, the DC15 Animal Ball, the DC17 Asthma & Allergy machine.
The DC07s have long been overshadowed by new Dysons that build on their basic features.  The DC14 Animal, DC15 Animal Ball and DC17 Allergy & Asthma also overlap with new machines that provide evolutionary improvements in Dyson technology and features.
If you’re looking for a Dyson All Floors upright, consider the DC14 All Floors.  It’s a proven performer with all the features of the DC07 All Floors plus  automatic height adjustment, Quick Draw Hose and Telescopic Reach that expands the wand 17 ft. at the touch of a button, and more.
If you want a pet or allergy vacuum, we suggest the DC17 Absolute Animal with low-reach floor tool, mini turbine head to clean pet hair from confined spaces and carpet care kit to absorb dirt, freshen carpets and remove spots and spills.

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  1. Vicky Hollowell says:

    Have had both 07 and ball both models were animal. I wish the tube on the ball was a larger diameter as I have a number of dogs and it will clog up. I have been looking to replace my Dyson ball with one comparable to my 07 and was disappointed to find nothing is available.

    • Mark Davis says:

      Hello Vicky,

      Unfortunately the newer Dysons are even more reduced at the intake of the cleaner head than your older DC07. This ensures better suction at the bottom of the machine but you do have to be more careful of what you pick up.

      Best Vacuum

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