New Dyson DC22 Turbinehead Vacuum In Stock

We have the new Dyson DC22 Turbinehead HEPA canister vacuum, with a new high speed digital motor that reduces the size while increasing power on our Web site ready for immediate delivery.

The new 11-amp Dyson digital motor is small, lighter and more powerful than conventional motors.  It’s greener, too, with zero carbon emissions.  The Level 3 Root Cyclone technology is Dyson’s most efficient cyclone technology for capturing microscopic particles.  The washable lifetime HEPA filter keeps those irritants in the vacuum, too.  Air expelled by the DC22 Turbinehead contains up to 150 times less mold and bacteria than the air you breathe.

The Dyson DC22 vacuum air-driven turbobrush can be turned off for hard floors and delicate rugs.  A hard floor tool, with long bristles that prevent scratching or marking on wood or delicate floors, also is included.

The new Dyson DC22 Turbinehead vacuum is in stock and ready to order on our Web site, where you also can learn more about all our Dyson vacuum models.

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