Post-Olympics Blahs? Find Winter Sports Near You

RecreationGovIf you’re suffering from post-Olympics withdrawal, maybe it’s time to take advantage of all the snow and ice that’s accumulated this winter.  Some of the best places for winter sports are on our public lands and parks, and makes it easy to find the ones near you.

Cross-country and downhill skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and even dog-sledding are just some of the activities available at these areas. Just type in a state, city, Zip code or specific address to see what’s near you – or near where you want to go. You can even make reservations, if needed, through the site. You can even make reservations and secure permits, if necessary, through the site.

If you’d prefer to just hunker down and wait for warmer weather, you still should remember, regardless of your interests. It lets you search by any location and recreation activity or facility, including parks, museums and other areas managed by federal agencies.

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