First of Its Kind Blueair Clean Air Center Opens at Best Vacuum

Blueair Clean Air Center

Blueair Clean Air Center

Best Vacuum has been designated the first factory-authorized Blueair Clean Air Center in the United States. The designation applies to both our Lincoln Park and Oak Park stores and reflects the recognition by Blueair of an exceptional level of expertise in their products specifically and air purifiers in general.

Using an air purifier can significantly improve indoor air quality and personal comfort, especially for asthma and allergy sufferers. But not all air purifiers deliver on their claims, and it’s often hard to compare one product with another because of the jargon used by many manufacturers.

Blueair Clean Air Center

Adding the Finishing Touches

At Best Vacuum’s Clean Air Center, you can talk directly with clean air specialist who will help you cut through the that jargon and separate fact from myth when it comes to choosing an air purifier. We’ll also help you evaluate your specific home or business environment, so you pick the right model with the right features to do the job you want.

Best Vacuum has been your home care and comfort expert for 30 years and an authorized Blueair dealer for more than 15 years. Visit our Blueair Clean Air Centers, talk with one of our experts, and let us help you choose the right air purifier for a healthier home.

And if you can’t get to one of our stores, you can get that same expertise as easily as picking up your phone. Talk to an expert by calling 888-205-3228.

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