Fred Has Landed

Stylish. Whimsical.  Other-worldy.  These are just a few of the ways to describe the new Swizz Style Fred steam humidifier.

The Swizz Style Fred humidifier boils water to give you germ- and mineral-free steam that humidifies without reducing room temperature as cool-mist humidifiers can.  There are two power settings, one for normal use and an Eco setting to save energy while still keeping the room comfortable.

But as good at humidifying as the Swizz Style Fred is, it’s the Matti Walker design that sets this product apart.  One of the designers at Switzerland’s Stadler Form appliance maker, the Fred is an excellent example of Walker’s talent for combining function and style into curved forms that make everyday life more interesting.

The Swizz Style Fred humidifier is available in both red and silver.  Choose red if you want it stand out as a conversation piece.  Choose silver if you want a stylish, functional accent to add to your décor.

You’ll find complete information on the Swizz Style Fred humidifier on our Web site.

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