2015 Last Minute Gift Ideas

It is not too late to order in time for Christmas! Inspired by St. Nick, we here at Best Vacuum are expanding our Free Overnight Shipping Service to hundreds of items.

Get us your order by 4pm CST and we will ship qualified items to you overnight.

While there is no concrete evidence confirming or denying the existence of elves, I did talk to Fred, our shipping and receiving guy and he confirms he does exist and will ship your items overnight.

If you’re having a little trouble coming up with the perfect gift for the last uncrossed names on your list take a look at some of my favorite items that will ship overnight with absolutely no added charges!

Venta LW25

Venta AirwasherWe’ve been spared this year so far in most of the US and dry winter weather hasn’t crept in. As reliable as Rudolph those cold mornings waking up with a scratchy throat and dried out nose will be coming.

Perfect for bedrooms the LW25 works quietly and will keep your room at a constant comfortable humidity level. This unit draws and captures hair, dust and allergens out of the air and expels no white dust. To liven up any stuffy room try one of Venta’s refreshing essential oil scents with the LW25.

Dyson V6 Motorhead

Dyson V^ MotorheadCookies crumble, your sister’s dog sheds and Uncle Pete always leaves more on the floor than what goes into his mouth. These are the facts of the holiday, you need a helping hand.

The Dyson V6 Motorhead is a great secondary vacuum for homes of all shapes and sizes. A powerful motor and long lasting lithium-ion battery powers the V6 and provides unbelievable suction and floor cleaning.

A specially designed brushroll deep cleans area rugs and captures dust and debris on smooth floors. The V6 Motorhead will pick up after shedding animals or to clean up quick messes around the kitchen or dinner table.

The Blueair Pro M

Blueair Pro MFight the winter colds and flus head on. Improve air quality today with the Blueair Pro M.

One of our favorite new products the Blueair Pro M is a high capacity, small foot print air purifier. Using Blueair’s HEPASilent technology air moves silently through the unit while capturing harmful particles and allergens. Sleek Swedish design and quality construction the Blueair Pro M is an air purifier you can proudly have in any room.

The Miele Onyx

Miele OnyxMothers know best and we always have a ton of mothers buying vacuums as Christmas gifts for their daughters. We agree with moms.

The perfect vacuum for the young couple. The compact design of the Onyx is perfect for apartments or small homes. Strong Miele performance coupled with a lightweight carpet tool and smooth floor tool this small package packs a punch. The Onyx is German-made and will clean your home top to bottom for holiday seasons to come.

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