Haan Duo Steam Mop and Floor Sweeper

The Haan Duo Steam Mop and Floor Sweeper combines a powerful sweeper with the quality and germ-killing performance of a Haan sanitizing steam mop.

With the Haan Duo, you won’t have to sweep or vacuum the floor before steam cleaning. One machine does it all, sweeping dry messes, steaming away wet messes and cleaning up combination messes at the same time.

The Haan Duo features 15 steam jets with optimized steam release to protect sensitive flooring. There is no steam wasted, and no vapor leakage.

Like all Haan steam cleaners, the Haan Duo uses no chemicals. Water boiled to 212 degrees creates steam that kills up to 99.9% of E. coli, Salmonella and other common household germs.

Learn more about the Haan Duo Steam Mop and Floor Sweeper on our Web site.

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