New Powerbrush Debuts on Miele Callisto

Miele has upgraded the popular S5 Miele Callisto vacuum cleaner with the new SEB 228 powerbrush.   Currently, the Callisto is the only vacuum available with the SEB 228 powerbrush, and the brush is not available as an accessory item at this time.

Already an outstanding machine, with Active HEPA filtration, a deluxe ergonomic handle and six-level suction control, the addition of the SEB 228 makes the Miele Callisto vacuum an excellent choice for thicker, cut pile and plush carpeting, or homes with lots of pet hair to deal with.

Compared to the SEB 217 powerbrush that previously had been included with the Miele Callisto vacuum, the SEB 228 is much easier to push, especially on thicker carpets.  It also has a five-step height adjustment, so you’ll be sure to have the right height for the carpet or rug you’re cleaning.

The Miele Callisto vacuum cleaner with the new SEB 228 is available now on our Web site.  You can learn more about it here.

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