Miele Polaris – Our Best Selling Compact Vacuum Cleaner

The Miele Polaris vacuum cleaner really scores high marks with its powerful suction, quiet operation, lightweight build, and ease of use. This vacuum cleaner has all of the suction of the larger Miele S5 vacuum cleaners, yet weights just 10 lbs. No wonder it’s our top-selling compact model.

Designed for smaller homes, condos, and townhouses, the compact Miele Polaris vacuum cleaner is light enough to effortlessly carry up and down the steepest of stairways. It stores easily and won’t take up too much space in a utility closet or pantry.

The Miele Polaris is outfitted with Miele’s 265-3 combination rug and floor tool designed for very low pile carpeting, area rugs, some shag carpets, and all smooth floor surfaces.

The retractable cord is 18 feet long, plenty of length to cover most large rooms without having to unplug the cord and find another outlet. The convenient step-on power switch means you don’t have to bend over to turn the Miele Polaris vacuum on and off.

When the vacuum is running you can choose from six power/suction settings. They range from very low to very high. For smooth flooring it works best to have the vacuum cleaner suction at maximum. For area rugs, carpets and wall-to-wall carpeting, you can select from the mid-range settings to find the one that works best for your flooring. The lowest settings are reserved for draperies, blinds, slipcovers, etc.

With the 4-foot wand and 6-foot hose, you can reach just about every corner, crevice and nook in your home with the Miele Polaris. The swivel head of the combination rug and floor tool makes it easy to vacuum those difficult to reach areas of your home like under furnishings and beds.
The accessory tools that ride on the vacuum allow for quick and easy access for cleaning floorboards, crown moldings, televisions and other home electronics, picture frames, radiators, you name it.

  • Inside the Miele Polaris carton you’ll find the following items:
  • Miele Polaris canister vacuum cleaner
  • 265-3 combination rug and floor tool
  • Telescopic/height adjustable stainless steel wand
  • 6-foot hose with handle and canister connection
  • Dusting, crevice, and upholstery tool w/tool clip
  • Extra bag (two bags total with one installed at factory)
  • Manual & warranty

Assembly is quick and easy! Just attach the hose to the canister, the wand to the hose, and the floor tool to the wand and the Miele Polaris is ready to take the “chore” out of out of vacuuming your home!  Learn more about the Miele Polaris on our Web site.

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