Miele Earth for Earth Day

Miele has updated the Miele Earth vacuum, their eco-minded canister vacuum cleaner, with a new color, Steel Blue Metallic. And with Earth Day this Friday, April 22, it’s a good time to take another look at what makes this vacuum cleaner special.

The Miele Earth canister vacuum cleaner is one of the most energy-saving and ecologically-conscience vacuums available. It features an intelligent AutoEco power setting.  The AutoEco setting automatically detects the type of surface being cleaned, be it carpet, smooth floor, furniture  or even drapes, then adjusts the vacuum to use only the amount of energy required for optimal cleaning.

This is critical to energy-efficient performance, since the tendencies is to think that the highest power setting is best for all cleaning.   Actually, high power should be used only on smooth floors.  Carpets, rugs, furniture and drapes all need lower settings for best performance.

But it’s not always easy to remember or tell which setting is best at any given time. With AutoEco, not only do you get the right setting, but you will save significantly on energy consumption, since you always use only the amount of power you need, and never more.

The Earth is still a Miele vacuum, though, designed first and foremost for you. So for those rare times when you do want to control the suction power yourself, there is a convenient step-on button control with LED indicator to adjust power to any of six levels.

The Miele Earth canister vacuum also includes both the SEB 217-3 powerbrush for medium to high pile carpeting and the SBB 300-3 Parquet Twister Floor Brush to thoroughly but gently clean wood and tile floors. You also get Miele’s completely sealed system with Active HEPA filtration and three accessory tools.

Miele also works hard to make sure its products are eco-friendly before you even start using them.  Miele vacuum cleaners are made with only virgin, high-quality polymers and are marked for easy recycling. Thanks to a highly advanced injection molding process, there is minimal scrap in production, so waste is reduced significantly.

You can learn more about the Miele Earth canister vacuum cleaner on our Web site.

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