Miele Fresh Air Vacuums Designed for Allergy and Asthma Sufferers

Miele S8 Fresh Air

Miele S8 Fresh Air

It’s hard to make Miele’s combination of engineering excellence, outstanding fit and finish and industry-leading filtration any better, but Miele has found a way with the limited edition Miele Fresh Air vacuum cleaners.

Designed especially for homes with allergy and asthma sufferers, the Miele Fresh Air S8 canister vacuum and Miele Fresh Air S7 upright vacuum combine everything we like about Miele vacuum cleaners with bonus tools and special pricing to make them, at just $599 each, an even better value.

The Miele Fresh Air S8390 canister vacuum features Miele’s best-in-class sealed HEPA filtration and an AllTeQ floor tool ideal for homes with mostly smooth floors and low pile area rugs.  In addition to the dusting brush, upholstery nozzle and crevice tool included with all Miele S8 canister vacuums, the Miele S8 Fresh Air includes two bonus tools.

The first bonus tool is the flexi crevice nozzle, with the length and flexibility to bend around and behind furniture and appliances. The second is the soft-bristled multi angle dusting brush, with a large, tapered head that makes fast work of dusting blinds, shelves and other large surfaces.

Miele S7 Fresh Air

Miele S7 Fresh Air

If you prefer an upright, the Miele Fresh Air S7280 also features Miele’s sealed HEPA filtered system. In addition to the dusting brush, upholstery nozzle and crevice tool, the Miele Fresh Air S7280 includes two bonus tools: the multi-angle dusting brush and a mattress tool specially designed for optimal dust and allergy pickup on bedding.

The Miele S7 Fresh Air features automatic height adjustment with a superior brushroll that deep cleans any carpet or area rug of your home regardless of pile. Like all Miele S7 uprights, the Miele S7 upright lies completely flat to make vacuuming under furniture and other tight spaces easy. It even has an LED headlamp to illuminate those dark areas while you vacuum.

Either vacuum is an excellent choice for minimizing allergens and maintaining a cleaner, healthier home. But they will be available only until the end or 2014 or when the factory supply sells out. So don’t delay and order yours today.

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