Miele Powerbrushes

With the addition of the Miele SEB 226 powerbrush, currently available only with the Miele Callisto, Miele vacuum now offers three different powerbrushes.  Which is best for you?  Here’s a breakdown of the features of each to help you decide:

Miele SEB 217

Miele SEB 217

The Miele SEB 217 is Miele’s basic powerbrush.  At less than three pounds, the SEB 217 is the lightest of all the Miele power brushes.  It’s most suited to cleaning area rugs, medium pile carpet, wool carpet and homes with moderate amounts of pet hair.  It is about 11″ wide and has a very low profile of just under three inches, making it easy to reach under most furniture. 

Miele SEB 226

Miele SEB 228

The Miele SEB 228 is Miele’s newest powerbrush.    It is 14″ wide and 4.25″ high, has a five-step height adjustment and is very easy to push on thick cut pile and plush carpets.   A new design helps prevent pet hair from wrapping around the SEB 228’s brush, making it an excellent powerbrush for homes with lots of pet hair to deal with.  

The Miele SEB 236 is Miele’s top-of-the-line powerbrush.  At about 13.5″ wide, it is narrower than the SEB 228, but the SEB 236 is one-inch lower with a profile of just 3.25″. 

Miele SEB 236

Miele SEB 236

The SEB 236 features the same five-step height adjustment as the SEB 228, then adds automatic shut-off in parking position, an LED headlight and a protective bumper strip to protect furniture and baseboards.

2 Responses

  1. Sol Neuhardt says:

    I own a Miele Capricorn which has a broken SEB 236. Wondering what the best replacement is for this for mostly hardwood and tile. Thanks.

    • Megan K says:

      Hi Sol,

      Do you have any carpet in your home, and if you do, is it low-, medium-, or high-pile carpet? If it’s low-pile, I would recommend the SBD285-3 combination rug and floor tool. If you still have your smooth floor tool and higher pile carpets, then I would just suggest replacing the broken brush with either the same model or another powerbrush.

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