Here Come the Miele S2 Vacuum Cleaners!

We’re all very excited about the new entry-level vacuum cleaner line by Miele. They don’t go on sale until October 19, but we’ve had a chance to preview them and test them out. I’m happy to report that Miele really got it right with this one.

The new S2 Miele vacuum models have come just in time for a lot of people that want a high-quality vacuum, but are closely watching their budgets. Starting at only $299 for a basic canister vacuum, the Miele S2 vacuum cleaners are within the range of some discount store products, offering all the benefits of owning a true Miele vacuum at a price that is comfortable for most households.

There are three vacuum cleaners in the Miele S2 series:

All three Miele S2 vacuums are based on the same canister vacuum, but are packaged with different accessories for different flooring.

Features common to all the Miele vacuum S2 models include a crush- proof hose, telescopic wand, on-board tools and an electronic suction control. Miele’s effective and economical Super Air Clean filtration is standard on the Miele Olympus and Miele Delphi, and the Miele Titan comes with the Active HEPA Filter for higher filtration.

With its combination rug and floor tool, the Miele Olympus is the basic vacuum cleaner for homes with wood, tile and area rugs.

The Miele Delphi is the same vacuum cleaner, but comes with a motorized power brush for households with more pile carpeting or pet hair.

The Miele Titan is includes the same power brush as the Miele Delphi, and adds a special wood floor brush. Combined with the Active HEPA filter, the Miele Titan is the deluxe S2 vacuum cleaner.

Miele did not cut any corners on the most important part of any vacuum cleaner – the suction motor.

The heart of every Miele S2 vacuum cleaner is Miele’s terrific Vortex Motor. It’s the same powerful unit used by the more expensive Miele S4 and Miele S5 vacuum cleaners and really expresses the company’s commitment to providing a reliable, durable product, even at the entry level.

We’ll review each Miele S2 model in future posts.

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