Miele S8 Vacuum Cleaners Available Now!

Miele UniQ S8 Vacuum CleanerWe’re proud to announce the availability of Miele’s newest full-size series, the Miele S8 vacuum cleaners. Continuing Miele’s tradition of “Immer Besser”  (Forever Better), these machines improve on every aspect on the Miele S5 full-size series, up to now Miele’s bestselling canister series of all time.

Designed, engineered and built in Germany, the Miele S8 vacuum cleaner series is lighter, quieter and offers improved cleaning performance. They include Miele-exclusive innovations such as “Dynamic Drive” wheels with integrated shock absorbers and inflated tires that absorb impact from grouted tile and thresholds, plus luxury touches such as three-dimensional felt bumpers to protect baseboards and even a model with a spotlight in the handle to better see while cleaning in dark areas.

Among over 200 engineering and design improvements, all Miele S8 vacuum cleaner models share Miele’s powerful “Vortex” motor, sealed HEPA AirClean system, and the new “skeleton construction” body that reduces the vacuum’s weight while increasing the strength of its body. All models also feature a larger, easier-to-grab handle, longer 36-foot power cord, and foot-operated suction control panel.

The Miele S8 series line-up will look familiar to those acquainted with Miele’s practice of creating different packages for homes with different kinds of flooring.  Currently, there are five separate models each with its own combination of features and accessories:  Miele Alize, Miele Calima, Miele Kona, Miele Marin, and Miele UniQ.

Miele Alize:  For Bare Floors and Area Rugs

  • Automatic suction control (self-adjusting suction for optimal performance)
  • Dynamic Drive wheel suspension to cushion impact on all hard floors
  • Spotlight handle with bright LED light for better visibility
  • AirTeq rug and floor tool for area rugs and bare floors

Miele Calima:  For Bare Floors, Area Rugs and Very Flat or Looped Carpet

  • Foot tap suction control with six settings
  • Air powered “turbo” brush for carpeting
  • Parquet twister floor brush for wood floors and tile

Miele Kona:  For Every Type of Flooring Imaginable

  • Foot tap suction control with six settings
  • Height-adjustable power brush for all types of rugs and carpets
  • Parquet twister floor brush for wood and tile floors

Miele Marin:  Customizable Power Brush Package for Any Household

  • Automatic suction control (self-adjusting suction for optimal performance)
  • Choice of three different power brushes to customize for your home
  • Parquet twister floor brush for wood and tile floors

 Miele UniQ:  The Flagship of the S8 line-up

  • Thumbtip suction control in handle with automatic setting
  • Felt covered 3-D bumper protector
  • Felt lined tool compartment
  • Chrome plated accents
  • Lighted underbody
  • Lighted tool docking slot
  • Deluxe height-adjustable power brush with led headlight
  • Parquet floor brush for tile and wood
  • Extended warranty (10-year motor, 10-year body, 5-year all other)

At this time, only two models, the Miele Alize and the Miele UniQ, are available for sale on the Web. The full line of Miele S8 vacuum cleaners is available only at local Miele dealer brick and mortar stores, including the Best Vacuum stores in Lincoln Park and Oak Park.

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