The Miele Ariel is Back

The Miele Ariel canister vacuum cleaner is back on our Web site.  This Miele vacuum is a popular machine for those who want a full-size canister vacuum for cleaning low-pile carpets and hard floors.  At just $519, it’s an excellent value.

Miele S5 Ariel vacuum cleaner comes with a combination rug and floor tool that lets you go from smooth floors to carpets with a quick click of a rocker switch. 

A rotary dial adjusts suction to six levels, and has easy-to-understand symbols to indicate the kinds of surfaces best for each setting, such as rugs and carpets, drapes or hard floors.

Sealed System construction and Miele’s Super Air Clean filter means the Miele Ariel vacuum cleaner retains 99.95% of particles down to 0.5 of a micron and 94% of particles down to 0.3 of a micron.   For those needing a higher level of filtration, such as families with severe allergies, an optional HEPA is available.

Learn more about all the great features of the Miele Ariel on our Web site.  Or call us toll-free at 888-205-3228 to help you decide if the Miele Ariel is the right vacuum cleaner for your needs.

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