Miele Vacuum #1 for Canisters and Uprights in J. D. Power Satisfaction Survey

Miele Vacuum CleanersMiele vacuum cleaners rank highest in customer satisfaction for both upright and canister vacuum cleaners, according to the J.D. 2013 Vacuum Customer Experience Benchmark Study. This is the second year of the study and the second year Miele has ranked highest for upright vacuums. Canister vacuum cleaners are a new category in the 2013 study.

The study scored satisfaction for 13 upright and 10 canister vacuum cleaner brands. According to the study Miele upright vacuums ranked highest overall and perform particularly well in the performance, ease of use, styling, features and warranty areas. Dyson vacuum was second after Miele in the upright vacuum segment.

Miele canister vacuums also was ranked highest overall, again scoring high marks for performance, ease of use, styling, features and warranty.  Dyson followed Miele in the canister category, as well.

More information on the study is available here.

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