New Colors for Miele Uprights

Miele has a vacuum in every color of the rainbow, but each model is color-exclusive. If you want the S7 Miele Salsa, you’re getting a red vacuum. If you want the S5 Miele Capricorn, you’re getting a purple one. Three out of five people I speak with who are interested in a Miele will ask, “Does this come in any other color?” And even though the answer is “no,” Miele proves they’re listening by tweaking their colors a couple times a year. This time around, they’ve changed a couple of the S7 uprights.

First, we have the S7 Miele Twist. Up to now, it was a deep, vibrant Royal Blue color. It’s a very traditional color: it’s in the US flag, most blue ink pens use royal blue, and let’s not forget the Kansas City Royals! But their new color, described as “Sprint Blue,” is a shade lighter and a little pastel. It’s a color most commonly used in sports cars, perfect for a luxury appliance. The Miele Twist’s color is definitely a lot more subdued this time around – which isn’t a bad thing. It looks more natural, and in my opinion has more of a “calming” effect than the harsh blue of its predecessor.

The second upright to get a makeover was the S7 Miele Jazz. This one took the opposite step as the Miele Twist. The original color, described as “melon yellow,” was barely noticeable on the Miele Jazz. It was closer to an off-white, natural cream color than an in-your-face yellow. That’s not the case anymore. The new Jazz is, indisputably, yellow. Canary yellow, to be exact. It’s another color lifted from luxury cars, dating back to the 1910’s and the Ford Model T. It makes a statement, and lets you and I feel a bit more bourgeois while doing our chores.

Color is one of those little details that really shows Miele is constantly improving on their designs, down to the last detail. Stop in and check them out!

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