How Much Paint Do You Need for That?

Now that we’ve covered the different paint sheens and what uses they are best suited for and apps for finding the paint that matches the color you want, how about figuring out how much paint you need for the job?

As it happens, that’s easy.

There are several online paint calculators available. Our favorite is on the Sherwin-Williams Web site. It’s the most flexible and has a variety of options to make it the most accurate of the ones we’ve seen.

There are three versions of the Sherwin-Williams calculator. The quick calculator uses a height and width measurement for one wall and a number for total windows and total doors. This gives you a decent estimate of how much paint you’ll need for an interior or exterior project, but if you want a more precise one, or you want to combine rooms (or exteriors), use the custom calculator.

The custom calculator uses detailed measurements for each wall, each ceiling, each window, each doorway and each type of trip (baseboards, moldings, etc.). You can even specify the texture. The result is very accurate.

For exterior projects, there’s an additional calculator for decks.

Benjamin Moore and Glidden also have calculators, but they are like the Sherwin-Williams quick calculator.

Home Depot and Lowes have calculators, too. They are close to the Sherwin-Williams custom calculator, but neither is a flexible or detailed.

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