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Oreck Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

We’ve added three Oreck vacuums to our selection of commercial vacuum cleaners.  All are lightweight and easy to maneuver, the hallmarks of Oreck vacuums.  They also feature rugged, durable designs to let them stand up to the rigors of commercial use.

The Oreck XL 2000RHB weighs just 8 lbs. and features a fold-flat handle that lets you vacuum easily against baseboards, under copy machines and in other tight areas.  It also moves from carpet to hard floors with requiring manual adjustment.

The Oreck XL Pro 14T and XL Pro 18T commercial vacuums, with 1000-watt dual-motor design, provide powerful, one-pass cleaning. The difference between the two is that the XL Pro 14T has a 14″ brush while the XL Pro 18T has an 18″ brush.  Both include accessory tools, telescopic wand and nine-foot stretch hose for above floor cleaning, and a modular design to make maintenance easy.

Learn more about these new commercial vacuum cleaners here.

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