Oreck Orbiter Floor Scrubber

Best Vacuum

The Oreck Orbiter 550MC floor scrubber is one of the most versatile floor scrubbers we’ve found, effective for all flooring surfaces. It strips, waxes, buffs and sands any hard floor surface. It even dry cleans carpets.

At just 24 lbs., the Oreck Ornbiter is very light for a floor scrubber. Its oscillating motion eliminates brush marks, swirls, sanding marks and gouges. And with no belts, gears or motor brushes to wear out, it’s a very reliable machine.

Unlike other floor machines, the Orbiter is easy to control. There are no special techniques to learn, and anyone who can operate a vacuum cleaner will be able to use the Orbiter 550MC.

Learn more about the Oreck Orbiter floor scrubber here.

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