When Vacuuming Isn’t Enough

Regular vacuuming is the first line of defense against premature carpet aging.  That’s why we’re so dedicated to the Miele vacuum, Sebo vacuum and Dyson vacuum cleaner lines.  They all give you the high-quality vacuuming you need to protect your investment in your fine rugs and carpet.

But vacuuming can’t do everything.  High traffic areas, stains that home spot removers won’t remove, odors from the inevitable pet accidents and just regular use over time results in dirt that needs to be cleaned, not just vacuumed.  And a high-quality professional cleaner has the knowledge and expertise get your carpet clean and looking like new.

That’s why we’re proud to recommend K. A. Pridjian and Co. to our Chicago customers.  For more than 86 years, they have been the area’s premiere source for fine carpet and rug cleaning. 

K. A. Pridjian is especially good when it comes to cleaning oriental rugs.  With the largest, best equipped facility in the Midwest, they’re the experts other professionals turn to for the really tough jobs.

Our personal experience with their knowledge and dedication to excellence let us recommend them to you with confidence.

Remember, regular cleaning in addition to regular vacuuming is essential to maintaining the quality of your rug or carpet and keep them looking like new.  With K. A. Pridjian, you’ll get the expertise and quality service you need to do just that.

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