Original Persil Laundry Detergents, Imported from Germany Now Available

Original Persil is back.

Yes, yes, you read that correctly. Best Vacuum has back in stock original Persil detergents imported directly from Germany. After over a year hiatus in North America enjoy the original scents, 51KK6t88NQLformulation and performance that made Persil the name in Europe for laundry detergent.

We have heard the pleas from expats, ex-military and business travelers for the real deal Persil from Germany. Best Vacuum is proud to have the full line of Persil detergents ready for pick up in our stores or available for purchase online and over the phone (call 888-205-3228)

Produced by Henkel in Germany both powders and gels have original scents and are great for use in high efficiency washers.

Use Persil Universal soap for your lights and whites or to clean extremely soiled items. Universal powder is available in extra-large 100 load boxes or in 15 load bags. For those who prefer gels a handy 17 load 1.11 liter bottle is available for easy storage.

Specially formulated Persil Color detergent deeply cleans you garments but has special color locking technology for a fade free washes. Color powder is available in the 100 load box or 15 load bag as well. Color gel comes in the lightweight 1.1 liter bottle.

O71OdBcB9wnL._SL1500_ur personal favorite, the Persil Sensitive detergent has absolutely no dyes or heavy perfumes. A great option for those with sensitive skin or allergies, the Sensitive detergent comes in the 15 load powder bag or 15 load 1.09 liter gel bottles.


Stock back up on the original Persil detergent made in Germany today. As always, orders over $50 ship for free!

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