Apps to Match Paint Colors to Your Miele Vacuum

Match Your Miele ColorDid you ever look at your Miele vacuum and think, “How would that color look in the playroom?” or “That would be a terrific color for the accent wall in the guest room!” Miele’s unique colors, like the Miele Cat & Dog canister’s Koi Orange, the Almond Brown of the Miele Topaz and the Spring Blue of the Miele Jazz, really get the creative juices flowing.

But how do you match or find complements to those colors from available paints? Surprise! There’s an app for that! Three, in fact, that we know of.

ColorSnap from Sherwin-Williams for iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

ColorSnap lets you create a custom palette or find colors that complement your color. Once you find a color, you can adjust the lightness, hue and color saturation to get just what you want.

Benjamin Moore Color Capture for iPhone and Android

Color Capture lets you take a picture of the color you like and then finds a match for it among Benjamin Moore paints. It also has a full-spectrum color wheel to search colors.

ColorClix by Olympic Paint for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

Like the others, ColorClix lets you take a picture and match it to available paints as well as browse available colors.  But this is the only one we’ve seen with a version for the Windows phone.

Those are three that we know of that let you take a picture and match a color. Do you know of any others? Let us know!

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