Raycop Hand Vac Kills Germs While It Cleans

Earlex Raycop UV-C Hand Vac

Earlex Raycop UV-C Hand Vac

The new breed of sanitizing cleaning tools that use ultraviolet UV-C light are a real boon to the healthy home.  The wands are great for sanitizing surfaces, especially soft surfaces, and the vacuums and sweepers clean up dust and dirt as they kill, allergens, bacterial and viruses.

But until the introduction of the Earlex Raycop UV-C hand vac, you couldn’t easily vacuum and sanitize above-floor soft surfaces, like upholstery, mattresses and pillows.  Sure, you could try to wrangle a UV-C vacuum, but a vacuum cleaner designed for floors really doesn’t work well above the floor.

The Earlex Raycop fills the need, and does it quite well.  It has a special vibrating pad that loosens  and vacuums up dust mites and other allergens and dirt while its UV-C lamp kills germs.  For hard surfaces, just turn off the pad, and the Earlex Raycop UV-C hand vac vacuums and sanitizes hard surfaces, too.

Wands, of course, are easier and quicker for hard surfaces.  And a hand vac won’t replace a standard vacuum cleaner for floors.  But if you’re concerned about keeping soft surfaces germ-free, Earlex Raycop UV-C hand vac is the best product we’ve found.

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