Why I Love My Steamboy

Reliable Steamboy Steam Mop

Reliable Steamboy Steam Mop

I love my Steamboy steam floor mop.  Love, love, love it! This is by far the best way to clean bare floors. Since I can’t stop talking about my Reliable Steamboy, and my friends are sick of hearing about it I thought I’d write about it instead. So here goes.

Unlike some people I know, (yes I’m talking about my mother-in-law here) I hate to clean. But some jobs are less heinous than others. I don’t mind the cleaner jobs like laundry and ironing. But I hate the dirty stuff! Scrubbing is just not my thing!

So due to this, my clothes look good but my floors – to be honest – in the past my floors were kind of gross. Hey, it’s not all my fault, I’ve got a husband and pets! And unfortunately none of them like to clean either. Not all my floors look bad, my carpets are fine since I don’t mind vacuuming, but where I have bare floors – um, well my bare floors used to be dirty. Because I hate mopping! And I can prove that mopping is hazardous to my health. Here are my top ten reasons for avoiding mopping at all costs.

Why I hate to mop:

  1. I feel guilty for wasting water by running it until it gets hot enough to use for mopping.
  2. If I wear gloves my hands get all clammy, sweaty and smelly but without gloves it’s just disgusting and ruins my nails.
  3. I hate struggling to fit the bucket under the tap and hauling the filled bucket around, I’ve already had back problems and don’t care to go there again.
  4. I hate the smell of the cleaning product, I’ve read some studies and know breathing those fumes aren’t good for me.
  5. I hate wringing out the mop, okay I admit I’m a complainer, but it really does hurt my hands.
  6. I hate going through the whole process again when I finally decide the water is too cold and dirty to finish the job.
  7. I hate having to then mop the floor a second time with plain water to rinse off the cleaning product residue.
  8. I hate trying to get the mop head clean after I use it. I can never get it as clean as it was when it was new.
  9. I hate bending over to pick up that heavy bucket of water in order to move it. (The bad back thing again.)
  10. I really hate that the whole process seems like a waste of time since after the first swipe with the mop I’m just mopping with dirty water anyway.

Why I love my Steamboy:

  1. I don’t feel guilty about wasting water since I don’t need to start with hot water – my Steamboy heats the water for me!
  2. My hands never touch the water so I don’t need to wear smelly gloves and there’s no chance of ruining my manicure.
  3. My Steamboy’s water tank fits easily under my faucet and is small enough to not be too heavy when filled with water. So there’s no possibility of hurting my back again like there is when I haul around that heavy bucket.
  4. No cleaning products are added. My Steamboy’s steam is so hot that the steam alone cleans the floor. So I don’t have to breathe any dangerous fumes. To me that’s another health benefit.
  5. My hands don’t ache from wringing out the mop.
  6. I never have to start over. My Steamboy’s water never cools down and one tank of water steams for 20 minutes – plenty of time to mop my floor.
  7. I don’t have to mop the floor a second time in order to rinse off the cleaning product residue. So I can clean my bare floors in less than half the time!
  8. My Steamboy’s terrycloth cleaning cover just gets tossed in with my laundry so it’s easy to clean – unlike my mop head.
  9. I don’t have to bend over and haul around a heavy water filled bucket. My Steamboy is light and just glides across my floors.
  10. With my Steamboy I don’t end up washing my floor with dirty water.
    My Steamboy is super easy to use.
  11. I hate reading instruction manuals and I was able to use my Steamboy without even glancing at the instructions. And I’m mechanically challanged!
  12. My Steamboy is ready to go immediately. I just plug it in and it starts steaming right away.

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