Rotho Twin TT Aquafilter a Total Home Cleaning System

You rarely see a machine quite like the Rotho Twin TT Aquafilter vacuum cleaner.  Lots of brands claim all-in-one capabilities for their products, but fail to delivery on their promise.  The Rotho Twin TT delivers, and then some.

The German-made Rotho Twin TT is a vacuum cleaner and extractor that will handle just about any cleaning job around your home.  It will dry vacuum hard and soft surfaces, from hard floors and windows to carpets, rugs and upholstery.  It also deep cleans with its wet power extractor.

More important, the Rotho Twin TT includes all the tools you’ll need to do these jobs.  There’s nothing extra to buy.

For dry cleaning, accessories include carpet nozzle, parquet shoe, crevice nozzle, furniture brush, upholstery nozzle and telescopic wand.   

For wet cleaning, you get carpet spray nozzle, bare floor adapter, upholstery spray nozzle, short window adapter, long window adapter and siphon nozzle.

As good as all this is, it gets even better.   The Rotho Twin TT Aquafilter gives you a HEPA multi-stage water filtration system that forces dust dirt and allergens into the canister where it binds with water to remove 99.99% of allergens from returning to the air.

Power, full accessory kits, dry and wet cleaning, plus HEPA filtration make the Rotho Twin TT the all-in-one cleaning machine that delivers.

We have the Rotho Twin TT Aquafilter in three configurations.  The basic unit includes a combination rug and floor tool.   The mid-range model includes a turbobrush, and the Electrobrush + Pet includes a powerful electric floor brush plus a handheld turbobrush for vacuuming pet hair.

Learn more about the amazing Rotho Twin TT Aquafilter on our Web site.

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