Save 15% Off Windsor Floor Machines





Through January, 2010, you can save a big 15% off all our Windsor line of floor cleaning products when you use Promo Code WIND237 at checkout.

While these are commercial-grade machines, they also are worth considering for home use.

The TrekVac2 vacuum and TrekVac3 vacuum are great choices for home workshops and do-it-yourself remodelers. Especially if you’re looking for to keep noise down, the TrekVac3 is the quietest vacuum in its class.

Two other outstanding choices for the home are the Priza carpet cleaner and Zephyr steam cleaner.

Unlike many carpet cleaners, the Priza carpet cleaner also cleans upholstered furniture. It’s small size lets you get into small, tight spaces, like stairs and corners, that others can’t. And the Windsor extraction system means carpets dry up to 63% faster than with other products.

The Zephyr steam cleaner, with its two-tank system, heats faster to reduce power consumption and lets you refill without turning it off. This powerful steamer cleans the dirties nooks and crannies as well as floors, walls, windows and other larger areas. Plus, steam is a natural, safe disinfecting cleaner.

Our Windsor offerings also include the Windsor Vac Pac portable back vacuum for fast cleaning with more comfort; and the Windsor Radius Mini cordless floor sweeper for quick pickups between regular cleanings, and the Windsor Mini Pro Extractor carpet cleaner.

This is a limited-time offer. You must place your order before January 31, 2010, using Promo Code WIND237 to get your 15% discount.

And remember, you also get free Shipping on all orders Over $60.

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