The Secret to Choosing the Right Miele Vacuum

Miele Urpright and Canister Vacuum CleanersMiele only makes one upright and four canister vacuum cleaners. There, I’ve said it. The secret is out. Oops.

Yes, there are 29 Miele canister and upright vacuum cleaner models, and each has clear differences from the others. But there are only five basic vacuum cleaners used to build them.  There are four basic canisters, the S2, the S5, the S6 and the S8, and one basic upright, the S7.

Different sets of features or accessories, unique to each model within the basic type, are used to create the vacuums that make up the series. Keep this in mind and it’s much easier to choose the best Miele vacuum for your home or office.

Again, to be clear, all the S2, or 2000 Series, models are the same canister vacuum cleaner. They use the same motor, in the same case, with the same wheels and the same cord. The same is true of the S5 canisters (5000 Series) S6 canisters (6000 Series), the S8 canisters (8000 Series)  and the S7 uprights (7000 Series). Within each series, the models are all the same basic machine with the same basic features.

Even with this knowledge, it still can be confusing. Each series has its own special features, and each model within a series is paired with different floor tools for different needs.  But it’s worth working your way through. With more than a dozen special accessories and three different types of filters to choose from, you’ll find that Miele doesn’t make you compromise with a “one-size fits all” vacuum cleaner.

With Miele, you can have the vacuum that fits exactly right for your flooring, your filtration needs, and your budget. If you need help finding the right one, email or call us at 888-205-3228 to talk to a Miele vacuum expert.


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