Sistine Chapel System Will “Dust, Clean and Chill” Visitors

The Vatican Museums will construct a special vacuum cleaner and ventilation system to tidy up visitors before they can see the Sistine Chapel. Each visitor will be “dusted, cleaned and chilled” before they can enter.

As reported by The Guardian, the system, to be operational by the end of the year, is intended to help preserve the 500-year-old Michelangelo frescoes that are the Chapel’s primary attraction.

The system features a 110-yard-long carpet leading into the Chapel that is lined with suction vents to vacuum away dust and debris as the carpet cleans the visitors’ shoes. A new climate control system will be sized and calibrated to offset the heat and humidify added by the visitors’s bodies.

There’s no word on what the Vatican Museums will use to keep that 110-yard carpet itself clean, but if they want a deal on a Windsor Minipro, they can give us a call.

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