The Best Canister and Upright Vacuums

Miele Capricorn.  Our choice for best overall canister vacuum.

Miele Capricorn. Our choice for best overall canister vacuum.

Customers are always asking, “what’s the best vacuum cleaner?”  The answer depends on how and where you’ll use the machine, which is why we encourage you to call us if you have any doubts about which vacuum cleaner is right for you.

Still, we can provide some guidance, and you’ll find our reviews and recommendations for the best canister and upright vacuum cleaners in nine categories on this page.   They range from best overall and best value to best for pet hair and best commercial vacuum.

For example, our choice for best overall canister is the Miele Capricorn with SEB 236 Powerbrush.  With its premium tools, certified HEPA filtration and fingertip controls, we consider this Miele vacuum to be the best vacuum available in the U.S

Best overall upright is the Sebo Felix Classic vacuum.  It’s not the most expensive upright you can buy, but it is the best choice for all-around cleaning. It’s great for both wood floors and carpet, easy to use and built to last.

Other categories on our best vacuum cleaners page are Best Value Vacuum, Best for Allergies and Asthma, Best for Pet Hair Pickup, Best for Wood and Hard Floors, Best for Overall Durability, Best Lightweight, Best Bagless and Best Commercial.

Any of the models listed under a specific category is an excellent choice.  You also can use the listings as a starting point for a basic set of features that you can compare with other vacuums you may be considering.

But if you’re still unsure of the best vacuum for your needs, just call us toll-free at 888.205.3228.

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